Saturday, October 19, 2013

Ocean Inspired Bedroom

(Duvet Target/Pillows Marshalls/Headboard DIY/Canvases Personal Photos)

My fiancé and I moved in together earlier this year, so that meant no more pink in the bedroom. Since we both love the ocean we decided to go with an ocean inspired bedroom theme. All shades of blue and white were welcomed.

The Duvet: I have always loved white duvets. They remind me of a fluffy cloud, and who wouldn't want to sleep on a cloud?

The Pillows: We wanted to bring some color to the bed. Pillows were a great way to do this. The different colors of the square vs. rectangle pillows add additional spice. And on top of being pretty they are filled with down making them extra snugly.

The Headboard: Seth had an old headboard that we wanted to use but it didn't match our theme. Enter the save-the-headboard DIY project. With 1 inch thick foam, a staple gun, hours searching for the perfect fabric and 1 hour of assembly we had a new headboard. Message me or leave a comment if you want to know exactly how we saved this headboard.

Canvases: To finish off the room we ordered canvases and used a picture from a recent hike at Torrey Pines and a shot from our vacation in Cancun. The pictures are a great reminder of the natural beauty of San Diego and also a reminder to plan more vacations!

Our room looks just a I imagined it would. And getting out of bed is EXTRA hard now.

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